The Carters Touch Foundation

We Care About You







·       Our Vision statement of the Carter’s Touch Foundation, we intend to reach new levels of Humanitarianism. Though each donation and grants that we receive both from global and community motivated people helps us continue the large goal of helping people and meeting our mission goals. The Carter’s Touch Foundation will grow and help other non-profit organizations to allow people to better themselves and the community in which they live in. We will stand strong in our commitment to you.


·       Our Mission statement at the Carter’s Touch Foundation is to monetarily help non- profit organizations with those that are homeless, disabled veterans, and children to maintain in our problem economy of today’s poverty stricken, and misfortunate people who are often timed looked over and left suffering. We would like to help correct this growing problem, by financially supporting other 501 (c) 3 organizations who have shown much needed interest in the homeless, children, and disabled veterans and family’s living in Shreveport La, and other states within the United States.


We know how hard it is to pay bills and find something to eat when you are homeless, or disabled and in need of medical treatment. Children need help with food and shelter and clothing to stay sustained in everyday life. Though our board of directors and the CEO of the foundation it will be determined which organization will receive the much need funds that can help people to get back up on their feet. “This mission is for a good cause"